Tired Creek Lake History

Tired Creek Revenues and Expenditures from 2004-present.pdf

1930s: Federal officials considered the area for public works lake project;master-lake-development-plan-md

1962: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers presents its Federal Southeastern River Basin Study that proposes development of a Tired Creek Lake to Grady County. The County begins to pursue support for the project as a State Park;

1968: Grady County Recreation Commission applied to the Bureau of Outdoor Recreation for assistance from the Land and Water Conservation Fund.  Bureau agrees to fund half the cost of the project;

April, 1968: Wiedeman & Singleton Engineers completed its report for proposed dam site at elevation 240 msl, impounding 1,760 acres;

1973:  Grady County deeded the newly acquired 2,888.36-acre site to Georgia DNR for Tired Creek State Park.  Site Planning Section of DNR completed a Master Plan for Tired Creek State Park including a 1,400 acre lake;

1973 to 1993: The State began construction of the park but then pulled funding.  Various commitments by the state were made then rescinded and the land sat in State ownership without a public use;

July 21, 1993: The Grady County Board of Commissioners called on the State to return the land to the County, and a number of local citizens pressed their legislators for action.  During the 1994 legislative session, the State returned the land subject to various restrictions on its use and disposal;

1996: The local Tired Creek Advisory Committee was established by the County to evaluate options for the use of the site.  This group met with several State and Federal regulatory agencies to begin to evaluate the feasibility of a County owned lake;

1996 to 2006: The County conducted various studies and researched the feasibility of a county owned lake at the site;

August 30, 2006: The County submitted a 404 Permit Application to the Corps of Engineers “to provide for the present and future public fishing needs of Grady County and the surrounding region;”

May 28, 2010: After years of study and scrutiny by various regulatory agencies and interested parties, a 404 Permit is issued by USACE;

November 9, 2010: Grady County closes $15 million dollars of bonds for the construction of the project;

2010 to 2013:  The County defends its permit against litigation from various interested parties, including Leon County, Florida, ultimately prevailing in the U.S. 11th Circuit Court of Appeals; and

August 20, 2013:  Construction of the long awaited dam commences with a groundbreaking ceremony for the Tired Creek Lake.

December 2014: The Dam was completely finished. Work on the other amentities within the Lake (check the Master Plan) started being designed and constructed.

June 2016: The Corps of Engineers gave the County permission to impound (fill) the Lake. 

August 2016: Tired Creek Lake had an Official Gate Closing Ceremony for the Elected Officials and others involved in the creation, building and completion of the Lake.

August 2016-Present: Boat Ramps and other amentities are built/being built around the Lake.